It’s not often that you find developers who plan on living on the estate that they have developed. In this case, all three directors plan on calling Fairview Estates ‘home’. Here you will find three entrepreneurs who were seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families. They are creating a community, a place that they want to live, and they are inviting you to join them…

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Nic Jordan
Founding Farmer

Passionate about space and areas where children can run free, Nic Jordan remains a farm boy at heart with a strong empathetic connection to the land. His entrepreneurial spirit led him into a number of successful business ventures, all of which have demonstrated high standards of quality of product and service as well as customer satisfaction. He is the founder of both Living Earth Compost, a recycling and organic fertilizer and instant lawn business and Holla Trails, one of the top mountain biking and running trail networks in the country.

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Nick Leitch
Founding Farmer

Nick Leitch is best described as an ideas guy – he is a visionary with an analytical, strategic mind. His background in IT and software development resulted in his involvement in numerous startups including Dial-a-Nerd, AutoBid and Vida-E. After stretching his legs in the entrepreneurial field, Nick turned his hand at assisting existing business with strategic coaching. With a passion for property development, stemmed from a few years working with a large property group, Nick decided that he would merge his deep love of nature and the outdoors………

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Liesl Venter
Founding Farmer

Liesl Venter, classes her passion for the environment second only to her love for her family. Qualified as a Professional Quantity Surveyor, her forward thinking entrepreneurial spirit led her from running her own quantity surveyor practice and into the dynamic world of property development.Her zealous work ethic and drive are reflected throughout every aspect of the company. Her happiest moments while growing up, were on a farm and she dreams of combining environmentally friendly building practices with modern, sustainable architectural design.

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Siebren du Plessis
Development Manager

Siebren has a passion for nature and the outdoors in general and most weekends you’ll find him in the sea either surfing or kite-surfing. With an engineering background and vast experience in planning and servicing of developments on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, he is the perfect individual to manage the implementation of Fairview Estates. Siebren’s strengths lie in project management and he thrives on creating value. From this you can rest assured that he will cultivate the best possible product for each of our buyers. With a strong work….

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Darron Taylor
Sales Director

Raised on a Farm Darron has always wanted to give his children the same lifestyle and freedom as he grew up with. With a love for the outdoors he also enjoys woodwork and general DIY so his vision of having a shed/mancave on his own farm gives him the option to live the life he’s always dreamed of. As an owner on Fairview Estates and with 19 years of experience in the Real Estate industry Darron was the ideal…..

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Justine Langford
Marketing Manageress

Having grown up with homes in the bush and a farm in the midlands, Justine’s passion for the outdoors and nature as well as her experience in digital marketing, made her the perfect candidate to manage the Fairview Estates marketing roll out. With a Batchelors degree in Accounts from UCT, she started a career in Hedge Funds in London before realising her passion lied in the creative field of Digital Marketing.

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Sari Tolmay
ADMIN Manageress

Sari is a passionate entrepreneur with international experience in Corporate Communications Management including Publications, Media Relations, Social Media Strategy, Event Planning and Management and has worked with high profile names such as Vera Wang. She is a keen blogger and loves anything art related, from visiting art exhibitions to creating and painting in her spare time.

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Scott Meyer
Farmer & Macadamia Co-Op CEO

Born and farm raised, Scott is not only an experienced Operations Farm Manager but a family man and farmer at heart. Next to the farm homestead on Fairview Estates, the Dolphin Coast beach and ocean come a close second to his favourite places in the world. A fond affinity to all natural elements, his farming approach lends itself to sustainability and the development of systems to support bio diversity on this unique….

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Joel Berger
Macadamia Co-Op Financial Manager

With a passion for the outdoors combined with his entrepreneurial mindset, Joel has fitted into the team by managing the Macadamia Co-Operative Commercial setup. Having worked as CFO / COO in a large service orientated industry, he brings on board much needed experience in …….

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Karen Malan
Macadamia Co-Op Accountant

Karen was born in Durban and moved around South Africa while growing up, before returning to Durban once she left school. With a Diploma in Accounting One, she worked mostly in the accounting field during her career and this gave her the opportunity to grow her knowledge and experience in this field.

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Aden Pontus
FEFA Service Manager

Growing up surrounded by nature and residing in a conservancy, firmly ingrained Aden’s awareness and love of nature, from a very young age. After finishing school, he joined the family air conditioning business where he gained valuable business and people skills and practical hands on experience with electrical…..

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