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Did you know mosquitoes contribute to bio-diversity too?

Mosquito on a flower

Spring is fast approaching, and that means mosquito season is starting up again. Did you know that mosquitoes aren’t actually “out to get and bite us”? In fact, male mosquitoes don’t ever bite, it’s just the female ones, and they are doing this in support of developing their eggs. Adult mosquitoes feed on plant sugar, […]

Threatened Geelklokkies / Gloriosa Modesta found on Fairview Estates

Threatened Geelklokkies

Gloriosa modesta, previously Littonia Modesta Common name: Geelklokkies, Yellow Bells or Climbing Lily In October 2020, Dudley Wang and his friend, and amateur Botanist, were on their way up to have a look at Dudley’s Macadamia orchard when his friend yelled out in excitement to stop the car. After exiting the car and making her […]