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Plants and food to grow in Winter

Winter is definitely here, and we have been experiencing some icy mornings. Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plant fruit and veggies. We are fortunate to have beautiful Winter days with clear skies and warmth in the sunlight. This time of year is the best time to plant new rose bushes […]


Beekeeping is one of the most rewarding activities you can do, not to mention that bees are also a very interesting species. With Fairview being a farm there are many benefits for orchards that we discussed in our previous article Beehives in orchards. In South Africa bees are under threat due to lack of pollen, […]

Beehives in Orchards

A few farmers have already put hives on their property in the Estate and we have been lucky enough to have our first batch of Homegrown Fairview Estates honey, “Beeloved” from the Venter’s. Pollination is necessary for most plants to reproduce and continue the cycle to produce future generations of plants. Pollination also produces seeds […]

Benefits of gardening with chickens

There are many benefits of gardening with chickens. The two main ones being pest control and production of free-range organic eggs. Garden chickens have a greedy appetite for slugs and love to scratch around and “help” out in the garden. They’re great at tilling up the soil with their feet as they cluck around, which […]

Sustainable backyards – how much space do you need?


Sustainable living is a popular topic amongst people lately. Everyone is trying to do their bit and coming up with great ways to reduce waste and make the most of what we have with minimal impact to the environment. Growing your own produce at home for self-consumption has many benefits, some of these being: Growing […]

Advice for converting your land to grasslands or paddocks

Horse paddocks

With most of Fairview Estates being historically used to cultivate sugar cane crops, you may be wondering what the best approach is to converting your land from sugar cane crops into thriving grasslands or paddocks. A lot of careful thought and planning must go into this and we have summarised what the main aspects are […]