Deja-moo Micro-dairy

Deja-moo, a micro-dairy conveniently located right in your neighbourhood. How fortunate are we as Fairview residents to have this hidden gem basically in our own backyard?

Curious about what defines a Micro-dairy? It’s a small-scale dairy operation that focuses on producing milk products in limited quantities compared to larger commercial dairies. These establishments prioritise sustainable and ethical practices, including allowing calves to stay with their mothers and sharing milk between calf and human consumption.

Instead of the common practice in larger commercial dairy operations of separating calves from their mothers shortly after birth, here at Deja-moo, calves are kept with their mothers, reflecting a more natural and compassionate approach to dairy farming.

The milk produced is typically divided between the calf and human consumption. This method ensures that calves receive the necessary nourishment from their mother’s milk, while also providing humans with access to fresh, locally produced milk. This approach is often regarded as more ethical and sustainable compared to traditional dairy farming methods, where calves are separated from their mothers and raised independently.

In essence, micro-dairies like Deja-moo, which practice cow and calf milking with shared consumption, prioritise animal welfare, sustainability, and the production of high-quality milk products for local consumption.

Deja-moo are focusing on the environment in terms of grazing, with zero tillage and no use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The plan is to plant lots of trees and encourage diversity in grassland through seeding with cow-friendly plant species and seeding has already begun with plans to do more over the coming month.

Among the range of products offered by Deja-moo are whole milk, skimmed milk, chocolate milk, butter, yoghurt, chocolate chip skimmed yoghurt, and buttermilk, with more products on the horizon.

You can join this milking herd, known as a herd share, and receive dairy products twice a week, conveniently delivered to your doorstep (if you live in Fairview). With a milk subscription from your very own cows, all without the hassle of hard work.

Ready to become part of the Deja-moo family? For more information contact 083 546 9665.

Please note deliveries are currently only available to Fairview Residents but deliveries outside of the estate will be available in the very near future so watch this space… or buy a smallholding at Fairview 😉