Our available farms start from R3.9m including VAT for a 20,000 sqm (2Ha) farm.

Fairview Estates offers a return to traditional farm living all within a secure, natural environment. The 480-hectare Fairview Estates offers wholesome, eco-conscious living on smallholdings of between 2 and 20 hectares. The vast size of the farms allows for the opportunity to keep both big (and small) pets, and being equestrian friendly, you can keep your horses on your land and enjoy rides through the scenic horse trails on the estate.

Farmers and their families are offered peace-of-mind through the provision of a best in class security system designed by the developers themselves. Fairview Estates will be setting new standards to secure community living and provides a safe environment for our farmers and their families to experience the freedom of living with boundless open spaces.

Established on a sustainable-living ethos, Fairview Estates is a working farm where farmers can choose to live off the grid and have natural water sourced from several boreholes throughout the incredibly secure community. Hobby farming is encouraged and farmers are able to live off their own organically grown produce or even enter into the Fairview Macadamia Co-op. With community trade exchanges and diverse small scale farming support systems offered, you can truly live the artisan way of life.

480ha surrounded by a fence line of 10km.

The developer has identified security as the highest priority in establishing these smallholdings where every farmer feels completely safe to enjoy a traditional farm lifestyle.

Fairview Estates is surrounded by 10kms of best in class security fencing with zoned alarms throughout, providing a safe environment for our community of farmers and their families to experience the freedom of living.

Perimeter Fence

The developers, in consultation with industry specialists, have designed an electric fence spec that they believe sets a new standard for gated estates. The fence is 3 meters high and has a combination of both 30 strand low voltage and high voltage electric fencing running on two zones and a weld mesh external barrier as well as a 1.5 meter off set with 20 strands of low voltage electric fencing around the entire perimeter of the estate and under dig protection. There is also CCTV surveillance covering strategic areas along the fence and gates. The security fence construction is complete.


Access and Egress

All access and egress points will be automatically controlled and monitored. The object of the system will be to allow free flow for farmers, but controlled access and egress for all other vehicles and personnel. It is intended that there will be a video record of all parties who have passed through the formalised access and egress points.

It is intended that the farmers and Holla Trails will have an access point into Fairview Estates on the Northern boundary, but this will only be on the condition that the design and functionality of the access point does not compromise the security of the estate.

The primary access points for all non-residents is manned through a secure gatehouse by professional security staff. The gatehouse security is in regular communication with an active patrol team who is ready to assist within a moments’ notice.


The FEFA has guards to respond to fence and other alarms and guard/s manning the main gate and the estate, 24 hours a day.

Farms start from 20,000 sqm (2 Ha or 4 rugby fields). The average plot size in surrounding estates is around 2000 sqm!

Zoning will be Agri 1 (refer to KWADUKUZA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY SCHEME). Farmers are entitled to carry out any farming activity but subject to the approval of the FEFA in the event that the farming activity is obtrusive or unappealing. Farmers may also allow Nyathi Sugar Ridge to continue farming cane on the Estate in return for maintaining the roads and verges of those properties.

Apart from the specific servitudes for access to the individual portions on Fairview Estates, each farm within the FEFA will have a general-purpose servitude of 2.5 m around the entire perimeter as well as mountain bike and trail running servitude in favour of the Farmers Association but managed and maintained by Holla Trails. The outer perimeter farms will have a servitude along the security fence for both access for members and access to maintain and service the security fence.

The servitudes are registered in favour of the FEFA (or alternatively the relevant local authority), for the purpose of the provision of services and the general enjoyment of all members of the FEFA, subject to the FEFA rules.

For the quarry roads, Nyathi Sugar Ridge will be contracted by the owners to carry out the maintenance in return for the benefits of farming the sugar cane on Fairview Estates. Once that arrangement is terminated a contractor will be contracted to do that work.

The sealed surface roads will be maintained by FEFA.

In addition to the abundant amenities found in nearby Ballito, Fairview Estates offers farmers a range of top-quality shared areas, including:

  • Horse trails
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Trail running and walking trails
  • 2 dams for catch and release fishing
  • Picnic sites at the dam
  • Low municipal levies
  • Gatehouse
  • Best in class security
Yes, you are allowed to have two live-in staff members on your property.

Yes, all designs must comply with the building code and are subject to the approval of the FEFA design review committee. This is to ensure that standard within Fairview Estates is maintained. To view the Fairview Estates Architectural Guidelines click here!

The building code is however, fairly loose relying on style and colour palette to ensure a common theme through the community rather than a prescriptive demanding style.

Designs must meet FEFA and Municipal approval before construction commences.

All domestic pets are allowed and there is no restriction on pet size. There is no number limit on the number of pets you can have however, pets may not be allowed to be a nuisance or cause a disturbance or annoyance to others through barking, howling, squawking, etc. and no pet may be left alone in a Dwelling for an extended period of time.

All standing sugar cane crops will continue to be farmed at no cost to you. Should you wish to have Nyathi Sugar Ridge continue farming the cane, this must be arranged between yourself and Nyathi Sugar Ridge.

There is also a Macadamia Co-op which gives all farm owners the option to engage in a small-to-medium-scale commercial farming venture, depending on interest. By opting into the Macadamia Co-op, our farmers are able to plant macadamia trees on their smallholding – anything from 1 to 40 Ha - all of which will be run by the estate co-op. The high expected yield after 7 years, means that investors achieve a similar profit per Ha as they would from a full-scale farm.

If you purchase your farm as a going concern you can claim the VAT back.