Picnic Site & Pod Bookings

As a Fairview Farmer you have access to the communal areas and picnic sites. There are 4 areas available for booking – Nic’s Deck, the Lawns, Sunset Deck and the Pod. Nic’s deck is available for booking for now however, the Owner reserves the right to cancel your booking and, where available, move your booking to one of the other venues up to 24 hours before your booking. As the sites are for the use of all our Fairview families we have a policy whereby, each property can only book 1 site at a time. This is to protect the access of all families.

Please take bin bags with you and clear away all rubbish before you leave. Dogs to be kept on leashes to protect our wildlife and please clean up after them (no one likes to step on poop).

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Great news! All our farmers get 50% off their annual membership at Holla Trails.

To get your membership please visit the Holla Trails website: www.hollatrails.co.za and navigate to either Riding Permits or Running Permits pages to register.

You can select the membership you would like and when prompted use the code GAHN87T7 to get your discount.


To get biometric access to Fairview Estates for residents and staff please complete the registrations forms below and take your ID book to the FEFA office during office hours. Monday through Friday, 7:30am until 4:00 pm. To get access codes for visitors please download the MEL app.