Fairview Estate Headshots

Nic Jordan
Founding Farmer

Passionate about space and areas where children can run free, Nic Jordan remains a farm boy at heart with a strong empathetic connection to the land. His entrepreneurial spirit led him into a number of successful business ventures, all of which have demonstrated high standards of quality of product and service as well as customer satisfaction. He is the founder of both Living Earth Compost, a recycling and organic fertilizer and instant lawn business and Holla Trails, one of the top mountain biking and running trail networks in the country.

He dreams of developing an estate that offers the community a sustainable artisan way of life, to make available the adventurous childhood he and his three sons have enjoyed growing up on their family farm.

Nic still follows an adventurous lifestyle as an ardent sportsman and has crossed the finish line at many extreme races including two Cape Epics, the Comrades Marathon, an Iron Man, the Freedom Challenge and in 2019 completed his first international 6 day adventure race i Rodrigues Island. He believes that in business and life, one should under promise and over deliver and he is determined to ensure that Fairview Estates exceeds the buyer’s expectations