Fairview Estate

Nick Leitch
Founding Farmer

Nick Leitch is best described as an ideas guy – he is a visionary with an analytical, strategic mind. His background in IT and software development resulted in his involvement in numerous startups including Dial-a-Nerd, AutoBid and Vida-E. After stretching his legs in the entrepreneurial field, Nick turned his hand at assisting existing business with strategic coaching.

With a passion for property development, stemmed from a few years working with a large property group, Nick decided that he would merge his deep love of nature and the outdoors and enter the development field with an aim to create outdoor spaces for family enjoyment.

This dream culminated in the success of Sugar Rush Park in Ballito. His vision is to create a lifestyle that ensures that his sons grow up with decent calf muscles. He believes that trust is one of the most important aspects of business and he wants to ensure that the families who buy into to Fairview Estates know that they can trust that the developers will deliver on their promises.