Our Slithering Friends

We are fortunate to have a lot of different animals, birds, reptiles and bugs on the estate. This month we are focusing on snakes… but don’t be alarmed, they are mostly not harmful and can be good for the environment.

We have a few species of snakes on Fairview, but undoubtedly the most common are the Black Mamba, the Mozambique Spitting Cobra, Green Mamba and the beautiful green ‘Boomslang’. Even though these snakes are highly venomous, they are very shy and will always avoid confrontation unless its life is threatened. We are also lucky to have the Vine snake, which is venomous, but due to their fangs growing inwards they find it difficult to bite.

Lesser venomous snakes include the Rhombic Night Adder, Stiletto snake and the Natal Black snake as well as a few others.

Tips on what to do when you encounter a snake:

If you encounter a snake the best thing to do is to remain calm. If you can identify what type of snake it is, it will assist you in knowing how to react and what to do. If you are unable to identify a snake, remain calm, don’t make any sudden movements and slowly back up away from the snake, giving it room to go its own way as a snake will not bite you unless it feels threatened.

Contacts for snake removals:

Nic Evans: 0728095806  – all types of snakes

Neville: 0794533557

You can also contact the FEFA office to assist you.