Siebren du Plessis
Development Manager

Siebren has a passion for nature and the outdoors in general and most weekends you’ll find him in the sea either surfing or kite-surfing. With an engineering background and vast experience in planning and servicing of developments on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, he is the perfect individual to manage the implementation of Fairview Estates.

Siebren’s strengths lie in project management and he thrives on creating value. From this you can rest assured that he will cultivate the best possible product for each of our buyers. With a strong work ethic and relational approach, he fosters trust through his professional conduct.

Siebren has long been passionate about farm living and all things artisanal, as is reflected in his love for woodwork and creating bespoke products in his personal time. It is fair to say that he has naturally adapted to the development ethos and vision of Fairview Estates.