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Goliath Heron

The Goliath Heron is also known as a giant heron, and it’s obvious why… a very large wading bird of the heron family. It’s one of the largest birds in the world and one of our residents was lucky enough to spot one at our dam. Standing up to 1.5 meters tall they have a wingspan of up to 2.4 meters wide.

White Stork

These majestic birds can be seen flying gracefully through our skies. These large birds are characterized by their striking white plumage, long necks, and impressive wingspans, they have black flight feathers and conical red bills. They are often seen as symbols of good luck and prosperity and used to be known as the “courier of a new baby”.

Marabou Stork

One of these was spotted on Fairview a couple of times recently, it’s a very rare sighting, so we were excited. When you think of iconic African wildlife, you might picture black and white striped Zebra, towering giraffe or maybe even the big 5. The Marabou stork may not be as beautiful as these animals, […]

Trumpeter Hornbill

For the past few years now there has been two (very noisy) annual visitors that visit the original farm house on Fairview Estates. These being two Trumpeter Hornbills. The Trumpeter Hornbill (Bycanistes bucinator) is a species of bird in the family Bucerotidae, native to Africa. It’s a medium sized bird, with a distinctive black and […]