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Macadamia Nuts

Here at Fairview Estates, we have a Macadamia co-op, which is an innovative first in South African farming, allowing you to buy land, invest in Macadamia’s and receive a turnkey farming solution as a member of a co-operative. South Africa has been the world’s largest producer of Macadamia nuts since 2010. They’re indigenous to Australia […]

Types of veggie gardens

Do you have a veggie garden or are you looking at starting one? If so, what type of vegetable garden would you like? You may be thinking what do you mean, “what type of veggie garden do I want, it’s not that hard, you just plant a few veggies in your garden and voila, you […]

Growing Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a crunchy, clean, and deliciously healthy fruit, well, according to the culinary world, they’re considered a vegetable. They grow beautifully in our tropical climate here in sunny KZN, they thrive when the weather is hot and there is a lot of water. Cucumbers grow in two forms, vining and bush. Vining cucumbers normally […]

Plants and food to grow in Winter

Winter is definitely here, and we have been experiencing some icy mornings. Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plant fruit and veggies. We are fortunate to have beautiful Winter days with clear skies and warmth in the sunlight. This time of year is the best time to plant new rose bushes […]