Threatened Geelklokkies / Gloriosa Modesta found on Fairview Estates

Threatened Geelklokkies

Gloriosa modesta, previously Littonia Modesta
Common name: Geelklokkies, Yellow Bells or Climbing Lily

In October 2020, Dudley Wang and his friend, and amateur Botanist, were on their way up to have a look at Dudley’s Macadamia orchard when his friend yelled out in excitement to stop the car. After exiting the car and making her way over to a yellow flower on the side of the road she then started “a happy dance” in the middle of the road.

She had found Geelklokkies on Fairview Estates. Closely related to the Flame Lily, Gloriosa Superba, they are considered to be threatened in the wild as they are over harvested for selling as cut flowers on the side of the road. More were discovered in five different locations on Fairview Estates. Seeds have been harvested and five nurseries will be cultivating them. Our Mac Co-Op CEO, Scott Meyer, will also be planting them in his nursery on Fairview and; if successful, we will propagate to suitable areas around Fairview Estates. Ideal conditions for this flower consist of areas with well drained soils.

This Climbing Lily, with a beautiful yellow flower, is indigenous to South African grasslands and we are proud to be contributing towards re-establishing them back into the wild.

Author: Dudley Wang