Types of veggie gardens

Do you have a veggie garden or are you looking at starting one? If so, what type of vegetable garden would you like? You may be thinking what do you mean, “what type of veggie garden do I want, it’s not that hard, you just plant a few veggies in your garden and voila, you have your veggie garden!”? Yes, that might be the case for a few of us, but there are different types of veggie gardens, depending on your end goal.

Before you start planning on what vegetables to plant, here are a few things you may need to consider.

  • What is your core motivation for growing food? Do you want to spend less money on groceries, or start eating more fresh veggies, or do you love being outdoors and want to start growing your own veggie garden for the exercise and love of it?
  • How much time and effort you want to spend on your garden? Do you only have a couple of hours a week or do you want to spend every morning working in your garden?
  • How much space do you have? Do you have a large space to grow or are you going to be starting your garden small for now?
  • Are you planning on feeding your family with the veggies grown in your garden or are you planning on supplying to local shops or markets too?
  • Do you travel a lot, or will you be there during growing and harvest season?

Now that you have had a think about the above, have a look at the five different types of veggie gardens:

  1. A Pantry Garden: This will allow you to stockpile lots of homegrown vegetables, while, at the same time, keeping your garden work as simple as possible. You may even be able to have an extended holiday with all the right weed management and automation techniques in place, as well as the right crop selection.
  2. A Hobby Garden: This is designed for those who love to garden and want enjoyment and a sense of purpose out of it. If you’re not planning on selling what you’re growing and not relying on the produce to feed you daily, but still get to enjoy the fresh vegetables that are homegrown then this is for you.
  3. A Kitchen Garden: This will provide you with just the right amount of fresh vegetables throughout the growing season. A good kitchen garden will give you just the right amount of veg that you need but not too many that you are having to waste or give away.
  4. A Homestead Garden: This should provide you with a continual amount of fresh produce during the growing season and enough bulk harvest that can be kept for the winter seasons. If planned correctly then your vegetable garden should be the main source of food for your family.
  5. A Market Garden: This is a whole different ball game with the purpose of this being to sell your produce. This will affect your crop selection and investments towards making this a business. Careful planning and decision making will need to take place to allow you to turn your passion for growing food into something that will provide you with an income.

After reading through all the different options, aren’t you excited to get stuck in and start producing your vegetable gardens? 🥕

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